Portrait of a Creative - Céline from Studio Milika

Happy March Break!

How is everyone's Monday going? We had a nice weekend here. And it should be an interesting week with my boys at home with me. :)

I'll be bringing you the outcome of our crafts sessions later on this week. This morning the boys are trying to float their Lego boats in the bath tub. It's not working so well! Oh the excitement! They seem to be having fun!

Céline from Studio Milika is the star of my Portrait of a Creative series today! She designs and makes beautiful jewelry from her studio in Repentigny, Quebec.

Here is Céline's story.

I’m a creative at heart, who enjoys making limited editions of handmade jewelry. To me, handmade is a way of life and so is creativity. Everytime I moved into a new apartment, I decorated with objects I made myself. Along the way, I took many different art classes (pottery, enamels on copper, painting, etc.), always enjoying the process of learning something new. In fact, learning is what keeps me going, in all areas of my life.

So why choose jewelry making? Simply because it brings endless possibilities of learning: So many different materials to discover and wonderful techniques to explore to create functional, yet beautiful pieces. I couldn’t be happier. Also, I wanted to create a collection that would fit everyone. Being 6’ tall, I know the challenge of finding a necklace that fits right.  So, that’s why I love custom orders (necklace size, clip-on earrings, etc.), I know that the person will have something made especially for them.

My inspiration comes from the design world. I like to flip through pages of home decor magazines to get ideas of great color schemes, material combination and textures. On another level, I’m also inspired by all the wonderful people I meet on my creative journey. Whether I’m connecting with a customer or a fellow artisan, it’s just amazingly fun to communicate with people from different parts of the world!

What is your favorite part of your creative process? Are there any people in particular that have helped or inspired your work?

Besides connecting with people, my favorite part of the process is having a table full of beads and letting myself be inspired by shapes, colors, etc. to create a new piece. You should see all the different beads I have on my table – hummm what’s the word again? Variety! Who doesn’t love to have options? Haha!

Lots of people have helped me along the way to build my business, but I think serendipity played a big part at the beginning. A couple years ago, I moved into my first house and my neighbours were well established artisans. They encouraged me to sell my jewelry at local craft fairs, which I did for many years (and still do)... but now I’m glad to sell it online too and to be able to meet lovely people all over the world!

So, may serendipity (and hard work!) carry you to your destination. Until then, enjoy your creative journey!

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Shop : www.etsy.com/shop/StudioMilika

Facebook : www.facebook.com/StudioMilika

Twitter : www.twitter.com/StudioMilika

Website : www.studiomilika.com

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Thank you Celine, for letting us into your creative world!