Boys Robot Party Inspiration

Happy Wednesday!

My youngest son's birthday is coming up in the next few months, so it is time to start planning! This year I'm thinking a Robot Birthday! He LOVES robots. There are soooo many awesome ideas online. These are my inspiration! :)

Love the robots made out of cardboard boxes and the colorful gears around the birthday banner.

This cake looks amazing! I don't think I'm ready to attempt to make that kind of cake! :)

Spaceships & Laser Beams has over 100 great ideas for Robot Parties! That is a lot of information to go through but I'm sure I will find some great ideas for my son's birthday!

I may have to try this.. though I don't think it will look that awesome! 

I LOVE this little guy! He is the most adorable robot ever! I don't think I could bear to eat him though!

That should help get me started! Is anyone planning any Birthdays at the moment? Any favorite themes? I would love to hear from you!

Val xox