New designs in the works!

It's Wednesday!

Spring is apparently 7 days away and we are in the midst of a snowstorm! AWESOME... not so much. I'm very happy that I am now home for the rest of the evening and do not have to venture out into this mess! I hope everyone gets home safely! 

I have a bunch of new designs in the works that I am super psyched about! I've been working on an "Under the Sea" party suite, as well as a new "Pirate" pack, a "Milkaholic" Baby Shower Suite and designs for a  "Little Duckling" party! Love it! 

One of my favorite parts about designing printables for kids parties is how excited the parents become when I send them the designs. It's such an awesomely gratifying feeling for me as an artist that people have such positive feedback about my work. The fact that my designs may help in making a child's (or adult's) birthday memorable is very cool as well! 

I've gone through many years of low self-confidence as an artist,  a woman, and as a mother. I guess most of us do at different points in our lives. It's such a complete waste of time. It stops us from doing the things we love and experiencing the world around us! But as I get older I feel stronger and less sensitive toward peoples negative remarks (and my own). I am choosing to see the positive in the life all around me! :)

Here is a little preview of some new designs.

These are by no means finished. They are just a glimpse into my studio at the moment. I would love to hear comments if anyone has any suggestions or any party themes they would like to see in my shop.

Bye for now! xox