Portrait of a Creative - Morgan Faulkner

Is it Thursday already? It's almost the weekend! And the weather seems to be warming up here, the last couple of days. I'm pretty much done with winter! I hope it is done with us as well!

Today I'm bringing you the second installment of my Portrait of a Creative series. Morgan Faulkner is the creative force behind "Thrown and Floating Stones". She designs and makes beautiful sea glass jewelry. I love that each piece of jewelry she makes is completely unique, as she designs her piece around the shape and color of the sea glass. 

Here she is, in her own words.


I have been collecting sea glass all of my life. I grew up in New Brunswick spending my summers as a kid at a beach near the Confederation Bridge (connecting NB to Prince Edwards Island) and loved finding pieces of the smoothed glass amongst the sand. When I find the pieces of beach glass I use for my jewelry, they have been naturally recycled and smoothed by wind, water and sand, which often leaves them with an opaque, slightly frosted look. The most common pieces are brown, clear and green (think of the colours of beer bottles that people leave on the beach!), though I also find sea glass in blue, lavender, yellow and, my favourite, sea pottery – pieces of tea cups and old plates that have also been tumbled by the sea.

By the time I was seventeen years old and preparing to leave for university in Ottawa, I had piles of the stuff. I could not justify lugging my collection across three provinces to sit in a box, so I decided I had to do something with it. I experimented wire wrapping, a craft that I find original and really quite mesmerizing to look at. It also suits working with sea glass particularly well as wire wrapped designs, much like the glass itself, are often one of a kind.

Thrown and Floating Stones was born a few years after, in 2006. The name is from a line of poetry by a writer I met while living in Ottawa that captures the process of glass tossed into the sea. I opened my Etsy shop in Summer 2013. Every piece in my shop is made by wire wrapping sea glass, but I also like to add semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals and leather to my designs.

What brought you to Montreal?

I’m a PhD student in French and francophone literature at Laval University in Québec City. I moved to Montreal in September 2013 while finishing my last year of school. I run a literary magazine in Ottawa called Mot Dit. I’m a member of a research group on African Literature at Laval and am writing a thesis on reflections on the writing process in novels by Patrick Chamoiseau (Martinique), Ken Bugul (Senegal) and Marie NDiaye (France).

What is your favourite part of your creative process?

My favourite part of my creative process is working with the uniqueness of every piece of sea glass. Since the material I work with is naturally recycled, no two pieces are exactly the same. I have fun tailoring my wire wrapping designs to the shape, size and colour of individual pieces of glass. When I have a particularly unique piece of sea glass, I sometimes hold on to it for a year or more before using it, while I go through all sorts of ideas of what I should do with it.

Are there any people in particular that have helped or inspired your work?

It’s become a sort of ritual that my dad and I walk beaches together looking for sea glass every year when I visit New Brunswick during the summer. And it’s sweet, sometimes when I arrive, my grandfather who spends a lot of time at the shore has a little bag with pieces he’s found and he hands it to me saying something like, “here are some of those things you like”. An attachment to the Maritimes and living by water is such an important part of the spirit that goes into my work. I am mostly by myself when I’m making my jewelry, but there are a few people in my life who understand that attachment and I consider that they help out in some way with what I’m creating. 


Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Thrownfloatingstones

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThrownAndFloatingStones

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Thank you Morgan for sharing your story with us!