Portrait of a Creative - Renee Morris

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I love to read about how people get their start, in whatever it is they LOVE to do. I find their stories fascinating and truly inspiring. I'm starting an interview series, called "Portrait of a Creative" where I will be showcasing artists and their shops, websites, etc. This first week, I will be interviewing many local artists, from the Montreal area.

The first artist is Renee Morris, who designs and sells crossbody hobo bags. They are beyond gorgeous! I have my eye on quite a few of them!!


Here is Renee's story.

I am a free-spirited artisan who designs and makes crossbody hobo bags.  I began working as an artisan in 2006 when I found myself without a job and no desire at all to work a regular job.  I also needed an outlet for my creative instincts.  It all came together when I started sewing some funky fabric bags and I haven't looked back!  I have hawked my wares at countless fair shows and festivals over the years.  And now Etsy has been a real blessing for me because it allows me to reach all corners of the globe with my creations and support myself financially.  I am inspired by the love of freedom, creativity, spirit, and connecting with others.

What is your favorite part of your creative process? Are there any people in particular that have helped or inspired your work?

My favorite part of the creative process is selecting the fabric combinations.  I love putting colours/patterns/textures together in unusual ways.  I am always changing my fabrics, which keeps my products interesting for myself and for my beloved customers.  I inherited my creative soul and sewing skills from my mom.  She has been a great help to me in my business.  My best friend David Heath has been my number one supporter and always helps in any way he can. He is awesome like that!

Check out Renee's Etsy shop and other fun links to find out about promotions and giveaways!

Shop: www.thehobotrain.com

Blog: www.thehobotrain.blogspot.com

FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/thehobotrain

TWITTER:  @thehobotrain

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Thank you Renee, for letting us into your creative world!